The goals of this program are to interact with children in a loving and consistent way in order to aide the development of a love for learning and a love for school. This provides the strong foundation necessary for creating our leaders of tomorrow.

To that end, we will provide:

  • A happy, enjoyable, hands-on school experience that encourages each child to reach his/her maximum potential, while creating independence and the love of learning new things. Warm supportive relationships with caretakers in school are a cornerstone to this experience.
  • A comfortable, safe and structured learning environment with well supervised, child-directed activities. Every child will have the opportunity to make choices and problem solve, as well as engage in play experiences with safe limits, which encourage the use of fine and gross motor skills. The core curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate practice that embraces the New York State standards.
  • Experienced staff with positive attitudes. They will build a safe, creative environment full of hope and opportunities that encourage positive self-concept, self-esteem, and self-awareness in each child. Staff will focus on the success of the children and make each new task a fun adventure. This environment will be sensitive and respectful towards all community members and provide rich and meaningful experiences.
  • A team approach which includes all family members. They are critical participants on the team. We believe that understanding a child’s family and providing support to that partnership is an extremely important part of this mission.

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